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February 15, 2018
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January 10, 2019
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Dubai Alcohol License

Did you know that while living in Dubai you are legally required to have an Alcohol Licence to buy, consume or even store alcohol at home?

So many clients say to us that they have heard they need one but just cant find out how to get one, so we created a one stop solution to provide this service at VIP level.

Grape and Grain is the Alcohol License arm of AYS Consultancy, headed up by Alex Farrow and William Dummer as your personal Account managers.

To buy your license simply click the link below which will allow you to apply online and make payment for your license now.

We have taken all the forms you would usually have to fill out by hand and digitalized the whole process.

We also have an incentive driven affiliate scheme for those looking to earn a little bit of extra money through referrals. Please contact us to discuss this.


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