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Bank Account Setup

Setting up a company bank account can be a daunting task for some of us.
With limited information online about how to get one and many different stories of banks being difficult when it comes to bank accounts this is where we are here to help.
We take the sting out of the setup with our network of Bank Relationship Managers and vast experience with account setups and company structures we keep it simple for you and will always be straight to the point with you about how and where to open your account. We will guide you through the compliance jungle to get your account open and not just open but STAY open which is the most important objective for your business.

We have a vast network of connections with all of the major banks in the UAE including but not limited to:

Emirates NBD

Mashreq Bank

RAK Bank

Emirates Islamic Bank


We have fantastic connections with the top relationship managers in these well established banks.

Be it a salary account only or a multi national corporation we have the bank and account for you.
We pride ourselves on opening bank accounts in Dubai in record time, the process is as simple as bring us the required documents and we will get you your debit card and account number within one week.

Tax – All UAE Residents are covered on a 0% taxation rate for all of the following but not limited to:

Corporation Tax
Capital Gains tax
Income tax

Essentially once you are resident you are a tax free citizen, this also means whilst traveling to VAT heavy countries you can claim amounts back in the airport making your shopping significantly cheaper.

VAT – Vat is charged in the UAE at a rate of 5% this includes businesses however like all countries businesses will claim this back dependent on collection of VAT.


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