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Ajman free zone is the cost effective free zone in UAE which create entrepreneurs to show more interest to register a company in Ajman Free Zone. If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a company or business in the United Arab Emirates, then it is imperative that you are properly equipped with adequate knowledge about the different free zones the nation has.

News has made the rounds that they are easy to sell, especially with the benefits that come with them, including zero personal and corporation tax, complete repatriation of capital and profits, total ownership of the company, no restrictions on currency, total exemption from export and import tax, among others.

However, it is also important to know that while the free zones have all the benefits to offer, they do not all function the same way.

Each of the free zones has its own unique advantages for the investors that pick any one of them to start a business in. One of such free zones is the Ajman emirate.




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Ajman is moving to become one of the major players to facilitate tourism and trade in the Middle East and there are different advantages that come with register business in tAjman free zone:

Advantages of registering company in Ajman free zone

The free zone is home to different types of businesses, however, no matter how small or big a business is, there is always the need to consider the cost, as it is a major player for the enterprise.

Considering cost, Ajman is one of the most popular free trade zones that is cost-effective, and its popularity also stems from the fact that it is popular with medium and small-sized companies that are looking to get the benefits that big businesses get, however, on a smaller budget.

One of the major reasons why Ajman free trade zone has been attractive for entrepreneurs registering their companies the first time is the fact that there are different visa allocations.

There is a smart office package that makes it possible for three visas to get registered, while the executive office allows for five visas.

Owners of businesses who do not require office space are not left out of, as the flexi-desk package can be beneficial to them, and it gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to make use of office equipment, space, meeting room hire, etc. without having to get a permanent desk.

The registration process is seamless and straightforward. Anyone looking to register a company in the Ajman free zone is required to make a one-time trip to the free zone to sign various company documents in the presence of the authorities, and then the rest of the registration process can be handled without being there.

You are required to make a submission of the company documents, business plan, and required application. It is possible to have your Ajman freezone company registration ready in two days.

Another unique benefit of the Ajman free zone is the fact that entrepreneurs do not need to provide a NOC from the entrepreneur’s current employer, and that is another reason why the free zone is popular among new business owners, because it gives them the ability to create businesses on the side within the Ajman free zone, while still working for their employers.

A lot of entrepreneurs are always making moves to register their companies and get their trading licenses in the Ajman free zone, and that is due to the fact that the free zone always has its doors open to almost any type of trading activity, and general trading is not left out.

Furthermore, the free zone is known for issuing industrial and professional licenses, and the cake on the icing is the fact that there is an option where entrepreneurs can apply for a secluded e-commerce license, which is a feature that a lot of free zones in UAE do not offer. 

Register company in ajman free zone

The ambiance created by the free zone  attracts a wide range of businesses and industries, invariably facilitates a good platform for networking and collaboration, as entrepreneurs and businesses can interact and share knowledge with one another

It is interesting to know that you do not have to bother about auditing or paid-up share capital, and that is another reason why a lot of entrepreneurs usually register their companies quickly and perform their business activities with minimal barriers.

There are representatives from the Ajman free zone company formation, who are always available to guide you through the processes of opening a corporate bank account for your company. The staff at the free zone can assist you in picking the right bank that will meet your banking needs.

It may interest you to know that the Ajman free zone is not only home to medium and small businesses, but the free zone also makes it possible for various types of businesses and multiple shareholders to function effectively.

Furthermore, free zone companies that are new and function as limited liability partnerships in the Ajman Free Zone are allowed to have five shareholders.

The Ajman free zone is strategically located and ideally positioned such that businesses can be run from different places. It is in proximity to four major seaports, and two international airports, which invariably brings a lot of appeal to businesses intending to go into the export/import trade.

Furthermore, the free zone has a good road network, and thus gives it very good access to other emirates like Um Al Quwain and Sharjah.

There are so many other benefits that come from registering your company in the Ajman free zone; hence, you should not waste time and grab the opportunity.

How to register a company in AFZ

There are different steps to register a company in Ajman free zone, and these steps include:

You need to decide the type of license you should opt for, and the type of business activity you intend to get involved in. You also need to know that there is a variation in the requirements for the different types of business licenses, and so does the cost too.

There is the need to take the facilities into consideration and know where and how the company office will be, including the land to be used for the warehouses, the business, and every other important parameter required to facilitate the business.

Ensure that you have all the required documents prepared, and then submitted to the appropriate authorities to get them verified and documented.

When you are submitting the documents, the appropriate authorities will send you a notification, prompting you to make payments via their payment plans and platforms.

After going through the different steps mentioned above, and gotten your documents verified, with the payments made, the Ajman free zone authority will have the license issued to you, and then you can begin your business.

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It could be a daunting task for only you to handle, as you would need to attend to other things too; hence, you need experts like AYS Consultancy who have been in the business for a while and have garnered a lot of knowledge to help facilitate a seamless company registration.

You do not need to go through the hassles, let us take care to register company in Ajman free zone, while you attend to other important matters like building the business.