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Your Information is safe with us

If you are going to Register a company in IFZA Free zone then speak to us today.If you have heard of Ajman and thought they were the cheapest Free Zone setup in Dubai you haven’t heard of IFZA! The International Free Zone Authority have created a new Free Trade Zone in Fujairah which is being called the new Dubai.

With Fujairah being the only Indian Ocean facing emirate we are seeing huge development in this area and registrations for companies in the free zone are coming through at high speed.

This is in part due to the European managed team behind IFZA, ensuring speed of execution and seamless visa processing.IFZA is one of the rare free zones which has a very open set of guidelines for company registrations.

How to Register a company in IFZA?

For you it means that for example “Construction Consultancy” is essentially whatever you deem it to be within that area of work.

They do not have a set activity description which helps with freedom of choice over what your business actually decides to carry out.

Bank accounts for IFZA Companies

We have great connections with the major banks in UAE including Emirates NBD and are having no issues currently with any of the IFZA companies we have registered obtaining bank accounts.

This would mean you are able to have a company bank account in Dubai with the ability to send and receive money world wide and all with zero taxation.

How long does a IFZA setup take?

We can have an IFZA setup ready for you in 1 week fully registered company.
If no visa is required you are also not required to visit us at all, meaning you can register this from anywhere world wide.

Bank Accounts with no visit in UAE?

Whilst this may be a dream for some, AYS can make this a reality, coming in June of 2019 our integration with a European bank will be complete, allowing us to onboard zero visa companies and give them European corporate banking.

This means from the comfort of your own home you can create a tax free company with bank account without moving a muscle.

Essentially we are now finding that Fujairah is one of the most up and coming and easy to work with free zones in the UAE, we expect to see high numbers of businesses being registered here over the coming months and that this will increase for the foreseeable.

We know that a large port is being built in Fujairah which is estimated to be complete over the next two years. This in turn will bring huge amounts of traffic via sea and of course require storage space for all the companies looking to store their imports before moving them onto their destinations.

We expect Fujairah to become a trade hub for the middle east with the sheer amount of development that is taking place currently which for you as a business owner means you are getting in early on one of the biggest areas of development in the UAE.

Office locations and warehouse space are available for those looking to take a physical location when registering an IFZA Company, these are available for rent or purchase and we would be happy to arrange visits for offices or any space on a daily basis with our team.

For those not looking to be physically located here then a brand new business centre in Motor City Dubai has recently opened which will allow you to have all the benefits of IFZA but keeping close to home on a daily commute.

So whether you are looking for a full import export company or just a holding company incorporation we have all the best connections and information in IFZA to get you the setup you need to make your business structure right for you.

Jump on the chat box with us on the right hand side to register your IFZA company today.

Please get in touch with us to begin your incorporation today in preparation for the new bank partnership coming in June.

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