Incredible Facts About Dubai Freezone

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March 1, 2018
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April 1, 2018
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Dubai Freezone

Incredible Facts About Dubai Freezone

The Dubai Freezone in the United Arab Emirates is not just another freezone. It is a major business destination and a landmark in the global hub. It does not only focus on commercial prospects but accelerates the growth of creating success for innovative start-ups and small and medium enterprises.

The Dubai Freezone was first launched in 2006 as part of the project by the Government of Dubai. Although it is important to remember that the first freezone was formed in 1985 which resulted in tremendous growth and opportunity. Its location is important as it can be accessed easily from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The business setup of the Freezone encourages innovation, supports entrepreneurs and path-breaking projects. The focus of the Freezone is to achieve objectives set in 2021 with the aim of promoting economic diversity and growth in the United Arab Emirates.

For businesses wanting to expand their business opportunities with 100% ownership of a Dubai Company, the Freezone solves the dilemma. Specialist Free Zones in Dubai are increasing and this in turn has impacted the U.A.E economy. Currently, the Freezone is home to 150,000 companies.

The rapid growth of these freezones has attracted investors around the world to come and set up their own business venture. And with tremendous development and growth, the free zones have become an excellent business startup to investors. Let’s look at the benefits investors can enjoy when starting a business in U.A.E.

– 100% foreign ownership

– 100% free transfer of funds

– 100% repatriation of capital

– 100% exempt from import and export duties

– 25 years of warehouse facilities, lease options, and availability of area for production and assembly.

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