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Ideas For Your Own Business In Dubai

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Ideas For Your Own Business In Dubai


Ideas For Your Own Business In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most sought out after launch pad for business. It is the commercial capital of United Arab Emirates for a reason. The geographical and economical advantage the city has over other locations lure investors worldwide to set up their business in Dubai. The Dubai Economic Department (DED) strives to provide efficient, innovative services to local and international investors, thereby welcoming more business into the country. Now, Dubai has become a home ground for startups and multinationals with world-class infrastructure, services, and a diverse community.

So, for the ones who are looking to invest and set up your business in Dubai, we have compiled a list of small business ideas to look into-

Dubai is building and expanding each day; it’s no surprise that the construction sector is booming with opportunities. Apart from creating job opportunities for professionals like engineers, investors can consider setting up manufacturing units or sell raw building materials to property builders.

Food industry
Food businesses can thrive anywhere at any time. And Dubai is no exception to this. With such a vibrant community thriving within the city premises, there is a scope for all sorts of food startups, from continental fine dining to regional fast food outlets.

Healthcare is one industry that is gaining momentum every year regardless of the economy. People are more health conscious than they used to be a decade back, which easily explains the demand for professional healthcare providers. If you are a healthcare provider looking to establish in Dubai, this is the right time.

Oil and Gas
Oil and gas have been the pillar of UAE’s economy for decades. A lot of the riches and development we see today can be accredited to the country’s oil sector. Although the resources have been exploited for years, there is still enough opportunities for investors to start a business in the industry. Interested investors can check to enter the mainstream business, form partnerships with existing companies or can start as equipment manufacturers or vendors.

Transport and Logistics
With a city of over 3.1 million people, transportation is an industry that can boom in no time. Local or trans-city taxi services can be a market that can be easily tapped into. The transportation sector is not restricted to taxi services. Logistics companies are in high demand, especially in connection with construction and oil and gas industries.

Dubai is famous for its trading industry. With its geographical location, the city literally connects the east with the west. Exports and Imports are thriving businesses in Dubai and a source of income for a lot of people. If you are looking to invest in a trading business, you can export or import any marketable products from raw or dry fruits to textiles, plastic goods, and even vehicles.

As one of the world’s favourite holiday destination, Dubai is famous for its five-star hotels and resorts. UAE hosts several thousands of visitors every year and this opens huge opportunities for businesses from hotel, travel agencies, tour sponsors, yacht services, and much more. Investing in tourism is a great idea you should think about. Talk about success all the way through!

Got an idea for starting a business in Dubai? We at AYS Consultancy is ready to help you from start to the end. Let’s start today!