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A Guide to Fujairah Free Zone

Fujairah Free zone is our focus area for todays guide, I aim to fill you in on who is running the show, how it works, where it is in comparison to where you will probably be (Dubai) and of course the links to things like bank, jobs and some costs for good measure.

This emirate is called Fujairah and is distinct from other emirates in the fact that it is almost complete mountaneous in terrain.

Firstly lets look at what it actually is…..




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List of Fujairah Free Zone

List of  Fujairah Free Zone are:

Now the three will all essentially get you a very similar thing, they are an area of trade for companies to be registered within, different advisories will discuss with you the pros and cons of the three as some cannot offer the same license or have different beneficial offers running from one month to the next.

Ultimately it will be your choice as to which of these hits your price point, activity suitability and of course just one you feel comfortable placing your company in.

Lets discuss those points, in terms of pricing across the three zones, we can of course use our buying power to try to get you the best deal possible but usually one will have an offer which we are able to take advantage of, with price comes service.

fujairah free zone

It is not uncommon for certain authorities to take 48hrs to respond to enquiries which when you need your company registered can be most frustrating, of course don’t forget that if it takes 48hrs to answer a question from a potential new client that you cant expect that it will be much faster once you pay.

The advantages of setting up business in Fujairah free zone? 


It is too next to Fujairah International Airport, which is the only airport following the UAE East Coast and northern Oman.

It is situated next to the Port of Fujairah. Firms built here have a straightforward access to all Arabian Gulf ports, the Red Sea, India and Pakistan on weekly feeder vessels.

Fujairah free zone provides a unique Connectivity – logistic link to the world; by air through Fujairah International Airport, by sea through Fujairah Sea Ports, and by road to Middle East & beyond.

We have good connections within the free zone and this usually pushes our clients registrations through in record time but when selecting a zone for your company usually your advisor is telling you to take a certain area as it means far less hassle now and of course in the future if you need to make updates or changes to your license.

creative zone fujairah

Activities suitability is one of the key criteria when selecting your companies home base,  if the place you are choosing does not have this activity then can you be based there? Well yes and no, some activities are restricted to mainland companies only.

However if you have a weird and wonderful cum slightly out of the ordinary activity that is not on the books then we have the power and connections to have this added for you!

So don’t worry if you are talking about the next form of energy down to the next facebook, we have heard many crazy stories and can cover all bases.

Also a word of warningdo not just choose a general trading license thinking you can do anything you like.

The reality of the situation is quite different and we have had several people come to us asking why they are being rejected for bank accounts and other issues and asking if we can help them as their other company have disappeared, we unfortunately cant do much in these cases and can only start again with you on a new license.

Fujairah is a fantastic place to have your company operate from considering the vast majority of the businesses registered there are actually operating internationally and using the company for its many taxation benefits.

If you need more information on this give Zak a call on 00971 0508754417 or hit the chat on the right hand side.