E Cigarette & Vape License

E Cigarette & Vape License

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November 12, 2018
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E Cigarette & Vape License

Selling Vapes and E Cigarettes are currently restricted in the UAE,

In recent weeks there have been lots of talks of changes to this law and even a shop appearing in Sunset Mall.

We have the most up to date information on the situation and have registered several companies already in anticipation of the change in situation.

Got a company already and went to legalise your situation?

Give us a call today and we will arrange to have your mainland company registered in record time.

We anticipate the change in situation very soon and have seen several of the biggest names taken already in the vape industry.

Its no secret that smoking in the UAE is a huge industry with over 6 Billion Cigarettes sold every year, the electronic market is slightly more difficult to grasp sales information on given its illegality currently on sales. However the estimates based on other smoking countries are on which ensure this is a huge industry waiting to happen (or already happening behind closed doors) so it is imperative to register your vape company in Dubai today.

For anyone looking to start an e cigarette business in Dubai we are a one stop solution for all your business needs. We will arrange the process of registering your vape business from start to finish including arranging visas for all staff members.

In terms of price to start a vape business in Dubai we are one not only the fastest company on the marketing with connections to several of the largest suppliers waiting to enter the market here in Dubai but we are also one of the cheapest ways to register a vape business in Dubai.

Give us a call today to get your specific price. 

Want to do Home Vape Delivery ? 

We will ensure your LLC License includes a home delivery package for your company, this means you will be able to take your orders over the telephone or online and then using your own courier or delivery guy send your customers their order live.

On Demand Vape Company setup 

AYS Consultancy go the extra mile for your business setup, we also offer a full on demand app for your vape business. Clients can order from their mobile phone and track as their order comes from your store to their front door. Become the Uber of E-Cigarettes today by giving us a call and arranging a consultancy with one of our specialists who has setup hundreds of online companies.

Rest assured when you register a company in Dubai with us that you are in safe hands.