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Dubai Freelance Visa – Guide 2019




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Dubai Freelance Visa

Setting up a company can be pricey especially over this side of the world. If you just need a visa perhaps you have heard about the Dubai freelance visa option somewhat similar to a sole trader back in Blighty.

I wrote this guide to explain the does dots and how cheap you can really get this thing oh and for how much. If a cheap visa is what you are after then read on…..

What is the difference between a freelance visa and a company visa in UAE ?

A company visa requires you to register as a corporation, this also requires place of work to operate from and generally has whats known as “Limited Liability” This is generally what an LLC is.

A freelance visa is just you saying I want to work but my model is different, I don’t want to be a company just yet (or perhaps at all) I just want to be able to work alone but legally (freelance means you cannot employ others) you are not required to have any office or accounts filed, simply you are your own boss and as with that comes a smaller price but of course more restrictions.

What does Dubai freelance visa allow me to do?

This visa allows you to work as a freelancer in your defined activity, this means if you are a yoga instructor and wish to not be tied to one employer and would for example like to hold your own classes in a space you arrange then you could take this license and obtain a visa for UAE with it.

Does this mean you can work internationally?

Yes you can work freelance internationally under this license.

Can I get a company bank account?

No you can’t have a company account as you are not in the traditional sense a company. But you can of course obtain a personal bank account usually without any issue,

Can I Employ people ?

No This doesn’t give you any access to additional visas, spouse visa may be possible for children and wives/husbands.

However if you want to employ people you need a company package

*Hint – They don’t cost that much more*

How quickly can I get my Dubai freelance Visa?

Well we can get you registered today, just give us a call to make arrangements.

Where can I get freelance visa in UAE ?

We are registered agents of the following authorities to handle this process:

So to begin the process of obtaining a Dubai freelance visa so you can live and carry our your work in the UAE then quite simply input your name and number on the box to the right and we will get this started for you.

One of the most important aspects of obtaining this is you actually fall into the freelance category, for example if you call and say I want to open a bread shop can I have a freelance license the answer will of course be no. But if you are a freelance chef then of course we can talk and get this done!

Either way we have a team on hand to answer your questions and visa queries so get in touch today with our team.