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AYS Standards

Here at AYS Consultancy, we don’t just set up any business. We make sure everything is done the right way from business support and advice to you and your team - to attestation of legal documents, registering your VAT, setting up bank accounts, visas, and much more

Our Support

Our team is and always will be available at your disposal in case anything urgent should come your way. We’re here to take away all your headache and the hassle of sorting them out. Our number one priority is to make sure that your business is set up the right way.


AYS Consultancy has been dealing with setting up many successful business over the years. Our team of experts have honed a special set of skills that allows us to help you overcome any obsticals. AYS has worked with many countries around the globe.


Andy Crampin

Andy Crampin, an industry expert in business consultancy has pursued a specialized bachelor’s degree in Enterprise and Entrepreneurial management from Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge.

He has an active ongoing interest in crypto currency trading and is a partner in one of Europe’s fastest growing crypto trading companies.

Through his vast experience in the consultancy field, he has acquired knowledge in accountancy, international & local payment processing, company formation, and business licensing which has led him to start his own firm – AYS Consultancy, one of UAE’s leading business setup companies.

He aims to not only setup businesses in Dubai but to also ensure that they are done in the right way, from business support to corporate advices.


Yasmeen S. Shaik

Yasmeen S. Shaik, a former senior consultant in Amadlaw Management consultancy is a self-made woman who believes in striving for perfection. As she graduated from the commerce stream, she was always a quick learner and a self-motivated business professional. She completed an advanced certified course in P.C applications and has always been an inquisitive learner. Ms. Shaik started her career as a receptionist and with each passing year, she grew from an assistant receptionist to the CEO to the associate consultant of the company. Within less than seven years she became the senior consultant of the company, Intuit. With her immense knowledge and hard work in the business consultancy field she was offered a position as a senior consultant in Amadlaw Management. She is truly an inspiration as she has independently handled all the given responsibilities.


Our company provides fast solutions for both
offshore and onshore companies here in Dubai and
other emirates in UAE.


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